Thursday, September 30, 2010

Toothpaste, That is All.

A pet-peeve of mine, a term that reminds me of my pets and how they annoy me so often, is toothpaste and how people use it.
This term also reminds me I am not so great at spelling, and there is probably an error in the way it is spelt. Oh well. Spell check tells me there is an e at the end.
Not so much how people use it, how people use the container it comes in. Squeeze from the bottom. It isn't so hard to do. A fit around the top of it will only cause you to get less out in the long run and have me squeeze all that is at the bottom back to the top.
Toothpaste, it annoys me. That is all.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh, Realization; Sleep, Memories, Recording

On the bus ride home I had a moment of realization. I am still reading the book 'Is There Life After Death' by Anthony Peake. It explores many reality theories, what happens when you die, quantum physics. A lot of interesting topics, fairly heavy reading at points so I have been reading it slowly so I can digest it. Bus rides are short, and almost always prove to be more enjoyable with a book.
What I am reading about now in this, is mostly about memories. The idea is that you record everything, always. All your senses are constantly recording when you are conscious, although you cannot normally access these. What I was wondering is how when you recall a memory why is it shortened? Why is it once you remember it you can only remember so much, or are not given the memory of all the events around that (what happened after in particular). Then as I put the book down for a moment to gaze at the ferry loading it hit me. A solution to this was thunk up in my mind, and I am not sure how true it is or not but it answers my question.
By the way; the clouds, water and boat looked very nice together.

Because you are always recording information your entire approximate 2 billion seconds of life will be recorded. When you recall something you stop recording it due to the same reason you begin to recall it, a chemical reaction in your brain. That answers the main point of my question on the most part, however I would just like to note when you sleep you are not conscious; so you may be recording less. I know your ears are still recording when you sleep, or are atleast aware of noise for a loud noise may wake you up. Sudden touch may also wake you, a bright light despite your eyes being closed; but I think your senses are much more limited at this time.
I'm getting sidetracked. Sleep is when your memories definitely end, and not just sleep necessarily but any unconsciousness. When you are hypnotized you may become unconscious to a given degree, depending on how deep your trance is. When hypnotized you don't remember what happened during the trance often. Also you often remember once you re-enter a similar state. Your memories are still there but just not available to you. When you sleep the same may happen. Your memories are there but are just not available to you.
I think I've rambled to where I have been trying to. When you recall something, you are not stuck constantly remembering it due to a chemical reaction within your brain that caused this recollection in the first place; but even further into that memories can only last for the duration of the day for there is a break of remembering when you are asleep. This sounded so much better in my mind before I typed it out.

I beleive this is why when I stay up all night it feels as if it has been one day. There is an odd sensation of it still being yesterday. My days blend together with no sleep or limited sleep, often leaving tenses between days confusing in my speech. This is just how I perceive this, but it was the base to my solution. When I don't sleep there is no memory cut off to indicate another day has started as my body is use to. I'm curious if this happens to other people?

Question me on this, answer my curiosity based question at the end of the last paragraph, I'm sure this doesn't make much sense in places.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Perception of Time

I was told to write a short blurb about this, and a full page if not more about another topic to do with how things are produced, distributed, and disposed of. I did that, but a short blurb will not satisfy me for this write up on my Perception of Time. This is for my Psychology class.

1) How do you perceive time? Past, Present, future?

2.) Do we have free will?

3.) How do you perceive the moment right now?

Where does time exist?

Well where does pain exist? Is it in the moment that you have an experience that should cause it, is it in your skin when you are cut, is it in your nerves as they tell you that you've been cut, is it in your mind? If you take a pain killer you may not feel the pain, but where is it now? The experience that should of caused it still happened, your skin is still cut, your nerves will still receive the fact that they have been damaged, but the signal will not reach your brain. It will be cut off, the pain does not exist because it can not reach your mind.

Where does colour exist? Is it in the light rays, the photons speeding through all points that are illuminated? Is it on the object that you see the colour to be resting on? Is it in your eye? Is it in your mind? Colour is your interpretation of wave lengths. They are perceived as red to blue, with purple linking the two (purple not being in the colour spectrum, but I'll ramble about this in a different post). You are told that the colour you looking at is what you give the name to it, but what if you were in someone else's perspective? Maybe what you see to be yellow they see to be orange, green, blue, maybe they don't see it at all. Colour, like pain, exists in the mind.

Now for time. Where does time exist? Is it in the moment, is it between the moments? How much time passes when you are not looking? Does time pass when you are not looking at something that is designed to tell how much time has passed, such as a clock or a watch? What about when you focus on something and more time has passed than you think of it? I'll leave these questions for you to answer.

This may make more sense after the statement after it, however it relates to special relativity. How 'time slows down' the faster you are traveling, especially when relating to speeds closing in on c, or the speed of light (3.00x10^8m/s I think). 35,000 light years away there was a star that exploded approximately 30,000 years ago. It released supercharged particles that travel extremely close to the speed of light. Because of this time dilation (the slowing of time) occurs in large amounts. These supercharged particles have a decay time of 15 minutes, so after 15 minutes of existence they no longer exist and will break apart; yet we have detected them and observed them. How is this possible? Because of the time dilation that has occurred, from the particles point of view (yes, I know that particles cannot observe things, but if you were traveling along side of them..) only 15 minutes of our time has passed. From our point of view 30,000 years have passed.

Time, just like pain and colour, is subjective to the individual observing it.

Time Does Not Exist.

It is all in your mind.

There is a Native American language that has no past or future tense. They only have present tense. With this, does this mean their language only lives in the moment? Their language only allows for what is happening at that one time. A language is a key into how the society that it was developed in observed time. If the language has past tenses, in that culture there was a past. If there was no present tense, often everything is put into past tense, and then what ever is happening has already happened. Kind of like the moment of now exists with a slight lag, as you may occur in online gaming. What has happened has already happened but until your computer can process what has already has happened you will not see what is currently happened. What you see and what you do will be a moment behind.
If time is a constant, shouldn't all languages have a past, present and future tense? That would be convenient, but time only exists in the way we perceive it. Time is a human invention, the concept of giving a numeral value to the distance between events is completely made up. There however is an internal clock that may keep time. If you have a regular routine you may wake up and fall asleep at the same time every day and night. This can be maintained with no indications of time of day, no clocks, sunlight, or moonlight.
There have been some cases of people being trapped in caves or mines for lengthy amounts of time. The individuals who are stuck underground may still be able to keep to their regular routine of when they are hungry, when they sleep, when they wake up, but will have no idea of what time of day is it. There was a case of someone being trapped in a cave for sixty days and the individual continued his sleeping and eating pattern though all of this. Despite doing that, with no way of recording how much time had passed he believed he had only been stuck for a few days, maybe a couple weeks at the longest, even after sixty days of solitude.
Animals also do this. Animals cannot read the time (well most I'll assume) however they know when they need to do what they need to do. They can keep track of time though internal clocks, and the use of the sun. They don't need to be told the time, for their clock does not have any time. It just has relative points to their routine. To animals keep time? No, it's all in their mind; just as it is for us.

Personally I perceive time to be irregular. During a slow day at school the time passed may seem to be much longer than what has already, but when I focus on something for long periods of time I think it may of only been a few minutes when hours have gone by. Time is not perceived without you being told, without you observing a clock. The twenty-four hour clock that we have matched up to how long it takes for the earth to rotate is not completely accurate to how our bodies perceive it. Teenagers' minds have a twenty eight hour day. At this point of their life it will be the longest, inspiring them to stay awake for longer, stay asleep for longer, or even both. As you age this time slows and lowers itself closer to the twenty-four hours in a day that we see on a clock.
I know this mental time dilation occurs with everyone. Something about how your brain flows, when you are not keeping any thought on time you are not keeping track of it, and may slip away from you. It is the same for when time goes by slowly. You are focusing on it, so you keep more attention on it, and it stays as it would. This changes from generation to generation also. If boot-up time of new computers is less than a minute but still stressful for many they must of not been around when the original OS's were released and you had a several minute wait if you were lucky for the most simple of activities.

The concept of free will does not relate to time as much as others think it may, in my opinion. Free will is a topic surrounding do we have control in what we do? I see it to be as follows: No matter what the situation is (complete freedom to do what you want, being controlled, or having preset life's), you have control. If you have complete freedom then you are in control no matter how you look at that. If you are being controlled, you don't know that for sure. With this idea you can easily apply willful ignorance and assume what you are doing is of your own free will. If you do something that you don't think you should, it is still you choosing to do that. The same applies to preset lives. If your entire life is planned out by a higher force, or has already been done by you in a past life, any interpretation of it, you can use the concept of willful ignorance and go on with your life making your own decisions far as you know.
If you sit around and wait for someone to control you, you are the one making the decision to do so. I think this proves that free will may not exist directly, but your actions are controlled by your thoughts that far as you know are coming from you.

In the moment, right now, I am perceiving time to be going by fairly quickly. I feel hurried to finish this because I would like to see my girlfriend who is waiting for me, I would also like to eat dinner. If I don't finish this in time I will have to work on it later when I am not as interested in doing so, though this topic interests me a lot. I"m surprised at how little I put into it, but if another topic similar to this occurs in any of my classes so I have to write about it or I just get inspiration to do so with no exterior inspiration I'm sure I will end up adding onto this.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wind and Turtles

The second half of this will be better.

I had a cool experience walking home. It was around 12:00 midnight, windy, not raining though. Not too cold but colder than normal, I was warm in my hoodie, toque, and using my friends leg warmers as arm warmers.. kind of like really long gloves but with no fingers. I like them, she wanted me to give them back before I left her house but I put my hoodie on over them so she wouldn't notice. It worked.
Anyways, at one point I was sheltered from the wind but I could see everything around me being blown by it. I could hear it whistle and whiz through trees, feel the air cooler than it usually is at this time of night, but it wasn't pushing on me at all. It was interesting. A warm-like sensation due to the sudden lack of wind on me and very.. I'm not sure how to describe that. As if it should of been in slow motion. At one point I had the thought it was as if I was controlling the wind, but I continued to walk and was no longer being covered by the tall fence so it was all over but it was interesting anyways.

Now that that's over, let me paint you a picture. Before you read this, I will warn you it takes an unexpected turn.

Let me paint you a picture, a wonderful beautiful picture. There is a beach, highlighted by the mid tones of an elaborate sunset painted cloud by cloud. The white sand glistens and sparkles as the water does with the tide gently lapping its way towards the high water mark, only visible by where the sand stop to show a luscious field of grass. The sand gently begins to tremor, the surface of it cracks and several baby turtles emerge taking their first breath of life. Unsure what to do in this foreign world they follow their only thought and to run towards the water, doing the only thing they know how to do. One or two stop to observe the sunset, for it is just too captivating for them to look away from. Their first sight, their first sunset. Too bad it will be their last, for the sand is not suppose to sparkle but rather is polluted by the nearby factory just hidden around the corner that pumps out explosive powder into the air as a byproduct of their mass produced electronics. They are ignorant to the nightly explosions along the beach as the chemical reacts with the water tearing apart anything that rests on the surface of the sand. The ever approaching water continues to roll towards the critical point, one baby turtle manages to get ahead of his peers but it is too late for his belly is coated with this power and doing all that he knows how to do he runs into the water. This sets off the chain reaction, one small spot after another explodes. All that can be observed is the initial flash, followed by another, then two or three more, then the entire visible sandy beach illuminated by a blinding glow. No smoke, no fire, just a startling shock wave through the air and a bright light. This light dims after a few seconds, the odd soundless destruction stops. The previously white sand is not black, but don't worry. By this time tomorrow the never ending rain of slight chemical residue will build back up for anything that has found its way back. This only leaves the question of the turtles, and where have they gone? A thud is audible, then another. Soon it is raining. A limb here, a shell there, it is all too graphic. If you were to walk forward it would just be best to assume the squeak of leather, and the occasional crunch, was of something more pleasant than your best guess.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

English Class

Because I didn't have time to complain about my English Class, here it is.
It's too good. I know this isn't much of a complaint but it's the first thought that comes to my mind. I enjoy it, there are negative aspects however I don't mind. The class is fast paced and I often miss the flow of what's happening and find myself lost in the Mensa puzzles the teacher puts on the board every day for people to work at when they have spare time. I think they are very distracting, but I enjoy them none-the-less. It always is great when I figure one out before anyone else in the class. I have never liked spending a lot of time on one assignment and this has forced me to keeping at working at something and getting it done quickly then moving onto the next assignment before I loose interest.
It is late, I am tired, hungry, stressed and want to give up on this day. I think I will do that. Good night world, though most of you will read this during the day I'm guessing? I don't think I get many hits on individual posts or this website in general but I don't mind. Fame will come with time, pfft, who am I kidding? I'm not going to become famous with this unless I try to and even then I don't think I am likely to. I am not seeking fame, just somewhere to put my thoughts so that people may read them. Even if many of them are not read just the idea of them being here is nice.
And on a final note; what if the frequency of light was slowed down a little bit.. so maybe.. 1hz? or is it Hz? Well anyways I intend on explaining my interpretation of it soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Psychology Essay -- AutoBiography 2020 -- Sept 16, 2010

In the year 2020, where will I be? Who will I be? What will I be? I still plan on being Alexander MacNeill, I would like to think my fundamentals won't change, but I guess I won't be able to see what changes and what stays the same until this time comes. The year 2020 will be close to my 10th year after graduating. I have a list of questions and points and I will go through and address the questions and points I see to be worth doing so; probably all of them.

My accomplishments and goals are similar to as they were in the year 2010, limited but still there. I still don't dream big, although my metaphoric dreaming has expanded a bit with age. What I have already done were not goals that I set out to do, well many of those have been reached such as reaching a time around fifteen seconds for solving a rubik's cube, but accomplishments none the less. Around the time of 2010 my thoughts on what I would like to accomplish by this time were simple, have a job, a small house, a pet cat, and what did not seem very important at the time but does now; marriage. A concept that grew on me more and more as my girlfriend became closer and closer to me over time. All of these ideas that I didn't set as goals, but expected to happen became true over time, roughly in the order provided.

After highschool I continued highschool for as long as I could, the free education was great. Past that there were courses at the local college that I was able to take that interested me. They didn't lead me very far but looked good on my resume and were taken because I wanted to in the first place, not necessarily because I needed them. Schooling outside of Powell River was needed eventually, to thirst my ever knowledge seeking mind and it was found, but my home town was missed as expected.

Soon as possible I moved back into town and am now happy in my position here. Decent pay, enough to keep me going. Family all around, some friends still around town but many more to make. That lovely small house, well an apartment for it is all I wanted. The family that was in town when I left is almost all still around. The concept of starting my own family with my wife is much more appealing than it seemed to be back in highschool, for the concept of children being annoying has lessened a bit.

My opinion on world issues is still the same, though I've looked into the way I look at things and have found a way to word the philosophy of how I make my opinion on events much better than what I use to try to use to explain when asked why I think what I did. The large issues that were around ten years ago are still there; gas, vehicles (which I don't really use any more since I moved back into Powell River. A bike works just fine), money are all over the news. The newest war issues involving the United States and the further debt they are risking by continuing it are always mentioned but many are starting to tune these repeated crys out much more than before. It's nice.

The technology available to me has upgraded with time, but the technology I choose to use is lesser than the cutting edge. It's all I need, maybe not all I want, but still all I can afford. Having what works is important, not having what works best. After thirteen or so years of using a rubik's cube the fun it use to have has gone away. I found once I ran out of goals to set regarding it, there just wasn't as much of a point to practicing. My newest toy is sill an older type object, not commonly used by most people though is in the process of coming back into popularity. Something odd that caught my attention and refused to let go until I had it not just figured out but mastered and remastered.

My passion is still for what I enjoy the most. It not longer is the same as it use to be but my old favorite topics never died out. The internet is always there to provide me with what I need to continue my newest hobby. Parkour is still kicking through my mind daily, but with slight ageing and not enough activity my abilities in some aspects have become lacking. The love for my friends and family have grown for those who are close to me, and it has slipped away for the many who weren't around me. As you distance yourself from people letting go of them becomes much more easy and after being out of town for a couple of years I found who was always around for me. Alternately I found out who wasn't, and those are the individuals who slipped away.

Of Course this is all just a projection, a guess of what is to come. I'm hoping almost all of it to be true. Only time will tell, but until then I don't intend on just waiting around, I'm going to keep working in the present time, so that when the future comes what I was doing for the present payed off. The future may not have set goals in my mind, but it does have the idea that my present should be what I want it to be at that time isn't going to fade away very easily, hopefully that will set me up for a good lifetime.


I have no time, well no free time. Since school started it's been busy, and at first it was enjoyable but then sleep deprivation set in a little bit, the fact I havent had time to do anything was realized, and my limited free time has been spent on the computer or with my girlfriend.

The first few days of school were nice, social activity was easy to find, my classes were easy and I had a free block to do what ever I wanted. What ever I wanted ended up being extending my Digital Media class because I love that class but it was well spent. This was a problem however looking into what my classes would be next semester, I would want a free block then and I didn't have one. A note to the counselor and a few days wait was all that was needed to get my math class switched with my free block. Entering my math class a few days late was not very fun.

And along with it being not very fun, it still isn't very fun. I spend all my time trying to catch up, as the teacher goes over what I already know how to do I work on the work that I already knew how to do, but I need to figure out how to do it differently. The teacher wants me to do it in a "Grade 12 way". She doesn't explain what this means, but I think I figured it out.. maybe? I guess I'll find out when this unit is done and I pass the test with a mark on the lower end of the acceptable mark scale. This isn't all she doesn't explain, she doesn't explain much more of anything. She will do the examples, go over the questions people ask her to, but as for base explanation I haven't run into much of it. My text book isn't very good at explaining too but the examples are modelled so you can follow them. Lets see.. what else about math class that comes to mind.. Oh, I'm not sure what I need to do, what I"m suppose to do, and what I just need to note and put aside. I've been told but not very well (and it wasn't explained) but I know the text book work may or may not be collected (I'm thinking it won't be, but if it is I have most of it done. All that isn't is what I don't know what to do.. funny that I don't know what to do, isn't it?) and all we need to do of it is what we need to until we understand it. I already know how to do all of this on the most part, so I shouldn't need to do any, right? Well it doesn't work that way. There have been two required questions, they turned out to be really easy compared to most of the others surrounding it.
Snack break. 11:01
Back 11:15 ish, that was possibly the most intense vegetable chopping experience I have ever experienced before but now I forget what I was going on about regarding math and I decided I've put enough work into it.

Digital Media, my favorite class now and has always been, has been great but I feel like I havent had enough time to work. I've been busy working with my posterous (, this blog a bit, quotes, writing for the class, I think most of the time has been spent listening and watching videos. So far we havn't had much time to just work. I'm planning on using photoshop a lot, as much as I can. I'm not going to be working with much of the other programs at hand, just rolling with some tutorials I would love to use but the couple I've tried so far have failed terribly. I want to go and take a lot pictures too. Get some great real life graphics to work with. There's so much I want to do and with no free block to extend the time I have in that class there just isn't enough time it seems right now.

My Psychology class is fairly similar to Digital Media. I have the same teacher for it, I see a lot of the same videos he shows boath class. I've been doing more writing for this class then in Digital Media, and it's taken a decent amount of my time. There has been a large amount of reading to do too. The book I'm reading right now, I'll put a mention in about it at the end of this, has a lot of Psychology in it and I plan on reading a college course psychology text book that I have access to once I've done reading it.

These two classes, Digital Media and Psychology have become very much 'take home classes'. The work that I do in the class I also spend a lot of time on, by my choice, at home. I enjoy working with graphics, learning about psychology, and what I do in Psychology class . . . I just realized I have 500 words to type up for an essay for that class ... this entry is going to be cut short . . . I forget what I was going to say now.
The other class I am in right now is English, it isn't too bad. I will complain about it another day. I will also go more into my free time and how I spend it, and how the free time I have seems to become not free due to the activities I do in this time; maybe it only seems to me I have little free time because I have so much I wish to do?
Before this I typed up my essay for English and found I didn't have enough words so I did what I could to expand. I think I put more words into my explaining my Math class (most likely in a biased manner) then the essay, and this was much easier to write. I'm sure my Psychology essay will be easy to type up after this, I've gotten my writing mind all warmed up and ready to go.

Note at end as promised: Is There Life After Death? 'The extraordinary science of what happens when we die' by Anthony Peake, foreword by Professor Bruce Greyson. Look up the book, it's amazing. Complicated, thought provoking, I read it on the bus ride to and from school. Probably not the best time because there's many people around me talking, so I spend a lot of time rereading parts to make sure I understand it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vampires, Zompires?

Recently I watched an hour long presentation on the History Channel I beleive. The topic was vampires. Not real vampires, but rather the fictional type. A large amount of them was how they progressed from cold blooded killers, to morally conflicted dark beings, to bleh... sparkling. I have no need to go into more detail past that last one. There were many other phases in there also but those are the main ones that stand out in my mind. You know how every story can be a metaphor for WWII? One of the original Dracula movies back with the black and white was meant to be like that. It didn't look... too.. no, it looked kind of cheesy but back then it was a hit I suppose. When are we going to look back and see what we did, what we listened to and watched, was terrible for media and society will move on? Anyways, the shimmery vampires were the newest and I thought there had to be something better than that here quickly so I threw together some thoughts and developed my own.

Lets start with some facts.

Diseases are contagious. An illness can effect your body in several ways, usually negative. It can make you feel ill, or just take away your energy. An individual turns into a zombie often due to disease. There are many different zombie ideas as well but in general it is due to an infection.

It's stereotypical for a vampire to bite other people, well in most cases vampires bite just people. Once you've reached the vampire state not everyone is willing to accept you as a person. It must be incredibly unfair for those vampires who wish to just be loved.

It is also a common stereotype that vampires don't like the sun. Their skin can react in many ways, but all ways I can think of are negative. Some more than others, bursting into flames isn't so bad.

Vampires are not all that different from zombies. They just have a different strain of a similar disease. Diseases can lower your metabolism and be spread through bodily fluids. If you are bitten by a vampire, there is a high chance of the illness being passed on.. That is if they don't kill you. If they want to do or not it is a good idea in most cases for vampires to do this. Not all may wish to pass on this disease, for various reasons. I don't think I would want many people in my neighborhood being vampires if I was one, it could attract too much attention.

Along with being contagious there is the aspect of metabolism that has already been mentioned. The body shuts down on the most part, keeping itself running at a very slow rate. Instead of living forever, you will happen to live for a much longer than usual time. Growing older happens at a much slower rate with a metabolism low as it will reach.

Paired to this slower aging many internal organs shut down. This stops many normal functions of the body such as creating blood and digestion. Stomach acid is not produced however the stomach will still continue to absorb liquids it intakes. With there being nothing to break down anything that is put into the stomach it goes fairly quickly into the blood stream. With no new blood being created the individual needs a way to get blood, I'm sure you can figure this out. A lack of vitamins is easily fixed with Powerade due to it's already semi-broken down sugars allowing for easy, quick digestion. Skin is made less flexible and cold due to there being many less activities within the body creating heat. This lack of warmth in the skin already causes the sun to be much more intense than it usually would be. There is much less to no pigment produced to help defend against the sun, and any damage done to the body will take longer than usual to heal itself.

A quick note, fangs aren't legitimate, you can break skin with a normal bite force and your every day teeth.

As a body shuts down in the manor it would in this situation, the brain also shuts down slightly. It is brought to a more animal like state. Easily agitated, less social, territorial, and more prone to violent acts instead of talking things out. With less desire to be social, a dislike for the sun, and a more hit first ask questions later attitude it's easy to slip away from society who would likely be suspicious of you due to your appearance. I'm sure it's easy to see why you don't see many vampires about, and how folklore forms around them.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't you love how you can make a promise to the internet and then forget about it? But even worse, not forget, but put it to the back of your mind. Every once and a while it comes to the front of your thoughts but you just ignore them and continue meditating over your plans, not putting any of them into play.
I said I would get back to blogging however I haven't done so yet. This is me just stopping in typing this up so I feel as if I'm working towards this goal.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm in the process of linking my Posterious to this, or maybe do it the other way around if possible? I guess I'll find out once I look into it more. I need a Posterous account for my Ditigal Media and Psychology class. I have the same teacher for both of these classes and they are in similar format it apears, or at least they have many similarities.

On a side note, they keyboard has no room to rest my wrists and this is unconformable to type.. I might end up moving over so the monitor is oddly far to the left or right but then I will be able to type easier. Anyways..

So I'm planning on putting up many of my Digital Media essays, and Psychology essays here too. I have a bunch of things I wish to write on myself also.
Vampires, I saw a documentary on the history of fictional vampires and came to a situation where they could be real; however my explanation is more zombie like.
String theory, quantum physics; I've done a bit of knowledge gaining on these topics and wish to share my thoughts. Tied into this is reality theories, in which I could explain they are actualy your thoughts that you are not aware of. I love it.

I'll be adding more to this list but that's two things I wished to put down so I would remember to get back to it soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome back?

I'm now into my 12th year of schooling, 13th if you include Kindergarten, and 15th if you include preschool. Wow, that's a lot of schooling. I'm seventeen years old, that's just mind blowing at first thought for me.
Anyways, I thought I would stop in and share with the world; all four or five people who might read this that is, that I have decided to get back into using this blog. I've deleted my previous posts (well hidden them) for I decided they should be shut away from society. All but my Wall*e post, for it's a great one I think and the world should be educated about that movie.
I ran into a moment of inspiration and decided my thoughts needed to be shared with the world though I didn't want to post them all on Facebook and Twitter tends to cut me off a few characters short. I have a habit of speaking, or typing, more than the even the 420 character limit on Facebook has.
So, I'm back, and maybe a couple people will run into my thoughts and enjoy them and come back for more. Maybe I'll even be consistent and update this often.
Have a good day - Bugworlds