Monday, February 21, 2011

an Eye for an Eye

an Eye for an Eye and a Heart for a Heart
they say Mosaic Law has been Abolished
but that's just the Start
one more Clever statement, to filter the disease
one more Thoughtful speech, to put the Politicians to their knees.

Don't mind my occasional outbursts of words that fit together in a manner that I see to be positive. I shower, I think, I shower when I think; or rather think as I shower. Sometimes these things just happen.

In my Law class, I'm finding the work very easy and having troubles staying where I should be in it. Never before have I had to put off doing work so I don't get too far ahead in the class. Despite my misinterpretation, which had me thinking I had another month to finish three questions (turns out they were due last Thursday but I had them done then anyways), I believe I'm still ahead of where we are meant to be and likely most people in that class. There seems to be a fair number of individuals who don't do any work. It brings me a fair amount of amusement often.

Apart from the lack of work, which at times is dreadful but other times a blessing; especially considering my Physics class is right before or after it. It's nice to have time to continue working on work from a class that I am disappointed to find ending, especially with a break two to three minutes long only. It gives me time to walk and stretch a bit, but not let the simple concepts we're working on at the moment slip away from my main stream of consciousness. Lets try this again.. Apart from the lack of work, which at times is dreadful but other times a blessing, we have a large amount of time devoted to class discussion. At first I found this less than desirable but I have quickly grown to enjoy it.

"No, this is not how you learn at school. Where are the questions from the text book that cause us to think? The teacher is not suppose to be able to bring up topics that interest enough people for us to grind our mental gears together."

Well, it looks like what I have become very use to for a Social-Studies-related class is quite inaccurate and class discussion has proven to be great. On the most part we've been given hypothetical situations, along with a bit of knowledge to back up the statements we make and ensure they are not too ignorant to the topic we are examining. I've been quite impressed with how the group dynamic works around the topics, and how it is often apparent that the general opinion will shift over time. From what I can tell, my opinions are usualy fairly solid but will sway a little bit. The way I approach most of the topics is how I would approach any difficult situation; it would appear my mind works in a slightly legal manner already.

I prefer to think of the way I think as analytical, because that is an awesome word and I think it fits the way I tend to examine everything, very well. The topics often address morals, tricky legal situations, and I've noted how a lot of them address problems in our legal system. Canada's legal system is so flawed, but I would imagine every large government is going to have a very flawed system. I think this is just a problem with any big government, especially in more modern times. There are so many new problems that need to be addressed, and so many people who are in political positions are afraid to address them. I don't see why they do not want to put their opinion out in some way. I'm sure most people who are not politically involved are not afraid to tell everyone their opinion on touchy topics that have not been addressed in court.

I'm certain I'm going to be saying much more about my Law class. It is rather phenomenal; perhaps I could almost compare it to my Psychology class and how awesome it was.. except it is not. It is great, but my Comparative Civilizations class must take the prize for 'most like C Block Psychology.' I'm crediting this to the fact that it may as well be the same class, as for people atleast. Perhaps eighty percent of the people in my Psychology class have found their way into my Comparative Civilizations class. It's great. All my classes are great this semester. It has to be the best semester I could wish for.

Sleeping Beauty is in my Law class, but due to her being lame she has missed the past few classes; so I thought I would take the chance to brag about our great discussions and how she missed them and I'll also tack on how much she would of loved being in them. This is all.

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  1. I approve of this post. I don't think Comp Civ is like Psych, though .. not enough discussions. As for Law, it sure is amazing... if yo u find yourself with extra work, feel free to do mine. :D I do better in the discussion side of things. Speaking of which, have you noticed the discussion tends to be on our side of the class? No complaints, though.

  2. Hey, Its okay, The discussions I am around for are pretty awesome, mushroom tea + pot = wicked conversations =) I love my blocks this semester, and you know you LOVE having me around <3