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So, Then it Was.

I have not posted for a while, I have no excuse past this: Minecraft, Assassin's Creed 2, DDR.

In my Comparative Civilizations class we have been looking into creation stories, it's been rather interesting. The last essay we have had to put together revolved around comparing three creation stories to the Genesis story. I may be posting my essay once it has been finished; at the moment it is in an editing stage. I may have one or two more people look over it then type it all up again. A copy and paste version will be dropped off here.

I've had inspiration to throw together a handful of the stories we've been introduced to, and put together this short series that I intend on creating. It is intended on being three posts long, however it may be a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on how much time I have to type them up. This is my regular Tuesday post, which is not very regular but occurs during my Tuesday Flex block, right after my morning fee block.

Consider everything in this to be just theory or fiction; for there are many aspects of pieces of creation stories and references to events which I cannot find any proof of. More or less, something I read at one time or may of just imagined, but I cannot find a source or have not looked for one.

So, Then it Was.

So, the universe and stuff. It was just there. All the energy, all the matter (which depending on your perspective, may be the same as the previous), all the enthalpy, and maybe even a little bit of gravity between a few pieces of matter. What creates this matter is up for debate, and matter is and how it corresponds to any particle theories, is also up for debate. The fact is, it is just was.

Where it came from, well that's up for any observer to decide, but on the most part it is arbitrary. The gravity is in the same position; how it works and what inspires it to pull one body closer to another just was. Amongst all of this, was a figure. Shapeless, formless, and lacking the characteristics of any form of matter that we are familiar with. It existed as a conscious. This conscious observed what there was, and in doing so made it into more than just a mess of energy and negligible forces.

Any sample of gas, in a closed system, given the time 10^x (x being the number of particles) seconds, also assuming the correct amount of energy which can be expressed as a temperature if you were to have anything to compare it to, will return to the original order of particles. If there are four particles, after 10000 seconds the particles will be found in the positions they were originally placed into.

Now considering an infinite amount of time being available, for time had not yet been invented. Time simply exists by the observers perspective, and the single consciousness had perhaps forgotten about time. Maybe they simply did not with to acknowledge it. Maybe they considered how much time would pass in waiting, and decided to just let it happen. Waiting is quite a dreadful idea, when eons may pass before anything is accomplished.

After this 'stirring' of the universe, the unavoidable occurred and enough of this matter collected in one area are the gravity between two masses become notable. The consciousness that existed, what could be considered an omnipresence in that moment, noted this notable event and decided to try something with it.

To have true freedom, is to only have the limits that you set yourself. If you are the only consciousness about, you are the only one who may influence your limits. Why limit yourself at all in this situation? A seeming unlimited power could be at the metaphoric hands of any being of the moment.

In a world of pure probability, there may be several decimals that float off to several hundred digits. Numbers so small that they are not worthy considering, or even creating a calculator with enough places for the numbers to fit upon it. These may be easy to ignore, for tampering with them may cause nothing more than rounding errors if you desire to be amazingly precise. In this world of pure probability, the idea that changing a few numbers around and seeing if there was any difference may only result in the occasional collision sending one of the colliding chunks of matter of a thousandth of a degree from the path it would of taken anyways. This slight difference may not seem like much; although even the smallest change will become quite noticeable at large scales. An object that is taken off path by even this small amount, will be very far off path after an infinity of travel.

To avoid this happening, to ensure there was a slight amount of potential for the universe to turn into something, the consciousness manipulated what was possible to keep as much of the matter in a local area. If everything few off and away from each other it would be far to spread out to hold any chance of anything. Just as our upper atmosphere has gas particles which are heated to hundreds of degrease Celsius, they are not close enough together to cause any burning to the skin if you were to expose yourself to them.

In doing so, this created the close system needed for the 10^x idea. Eventually everything would return to the position it started in. It would just take a very long time. Within this idea, this closed system, with the set rules of physics that we all abide by in day to day life, the two pieces of matter that clumped together became one mass. In time, the probability of another collision causing a fusion of mass from any perspective happening again decided to cause an event. Time and time again this happened, until the average mass size was much larger than before. The occasional mass that was of the size of two masses already would collide, creating a mass three or even four times the size.

It was easy for the observer to see where this was all leading to. Maybe the potential that was created by keeping all of the matter in a closed system was leading to a combining of all the matter. As the process of masses joining up continued, their individual gravity fields grew; but so did the space between them. A little help from this consciousness accelerated the process, but it still took a very long time to create.

After time, which could not be measured by any conventional method, all the matter had been grouped together. It was apparent that something was happening within it though. The core of it was under large amounts of pressure, the energy that was spread amongst all of the universe was now in a specific region of space. The gravity of it pulled all the energy it could to the center, however the mass of it could not collapse any more in many points. This left empty matter, free of any energy more than the minimal amount that will leave it in existence. Of course this was at the crust of all of this. The core was at the maximum amount of energy that could stay there.

Nature has a way of creating balance. If there is an excess of something in one area, that excess will tend to spread to the area of absence. At some points this natural desire will be overcome by barriers. At some point, however, any barrier will be overcome by the difference.

An explosion. A release of energy which started the process of spreading of matter through the closed system again. This time in a more even spread. This explosion was not as we may observe any explosion though. Most explosions that we may observe have the limit of velocity and time. This only had the limit of energy. In order to see this in the best detail, the observer more than less simply slowed time. The rate of time which would pass as an action would occur was the same, but when you have no limits you may warp ideals a little bit. To observe something in an omnipresent perspective is something that no human mind may fully comprehend for we will never be able to observe it ourselves. In an opportunity of observation, with as much time as you may need to look at something, when you may view it from all angles, perspectives, and spectrum, may leave you with the chance to learn a fair amount. This knowledge will be increased dramatically when what is being observed is all the matter that will ever exist, all interacting with itself.

This spreading of matter continued to exist in a slowed state, for in a real time view it would be far to quick for a consciousness to observe even if they could see it all at once. It would be like watching a thousand ants all at once, and trying to write down what they are all doing and how they are all interacting; all in real time of course. In doing this, the idea of the universe is in a constant expansion came into existence. It will continue to expand until it reaches the edges of the closed system that was put into place, and when it does the only being in existence would likely pull it back towards everything else so it may start again.

In doing so, in all of these events at a micro and macro scale, the universe was made and the concept of existence was put in place. So, what would be called the big bang (a probable name that the observer of it may give if the idea of giving something a name had occurred to them) by later conciseness, just happened.

So, Then It Was.

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