Thursday, March 10, 2011

So, Then it was a bit more Complex.

If you have not read my post two previous to this one, So, Then it Was, I would strongly advise you to look over it before this post. This is a continuation of it.

So, Then it was a bit more Complex

To summarize the previous events in the universe, up until this moment, there just was. Everything existed, more or less. It may not of been in the state that we are familiar with, but the matter and energy was there. The basic laws of physics still applied as well, though this makes it sound like we are looking forwards towards this time. Really, there was no before from our perspective. This was the beginning of time, when anything was first observed by an omnipresent consciousness and by doing so bringing it into reality. From there, with a little bit of manipulation from the consciousness, a bit of probability, and a large amount of time, the everything that made the universe was pulled into one area and it exploded outwards. This later would be called The Big Bang, but for now it just was a release of energy in a very small amount of time. The reasoning behind this explosion not having a name, was that the simple concept of naming anything was not needed or even thought of at a the time. This event marked the beginning of what most cultures will consider the 'scientific' beginning of existence.

As in previous events, the time that it took for this to pass did not really matter. After the explosion, observing the explosion, and learning quite a large amount from it, the consciousness which existed did not do much more. This was lack of anything being done was not a result of laziness, or a lack of inspiration. The heart of the issue revolved around there being a literal lack of anything to do. Unlike a regular child's lack of inspiration to do anything causing a mental state of boredom, this related to a literal lack of anything to do. When all you may do is observe and the rate of time that you observe at is easily manipulated, there is a chance to spend too much time observing an event. This created the first mistake, being spending too much time on something.

Of course, this mistake would be made again but it is much more likely to be avoided. The probability of it happening changed again, and now the universe was back into a state of pure probability. The outcome of all this observation, though, was a learning of the inner workings of matter and energy. A complete understanding of physics became available to the concisouness.

Now to fast forward another eon of time, mostly consisting of a few experiments and more observation, a few spots of interest appeared. Several of them being mast bodies of matter, though the smaller ones with complex workings developing on them were far more interesting. The ability to observe everything at once became unneeded, for all the attention of the conciseness was pulled towards one grouping of stars, in paticular one plannet within them. This local area of space was not needed to be observed in interaction from other systems, for it was too distant from anything else to be bothered with for quite some time. With time being considered arbitrary on the most part, it was now given more meaning and put into a perspective of a percentage of time before the system would have to be metaphorically zoomed out and the entire universe would have to be examined. I'm sure it's easy to guess this planet would later be named Earth.

Part 2 - Bugworlds - A bit short, but I don't have inspiration.

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